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I have been in the real estate industry for the past 7 years. From a new agent knowing nothing about the trade to who i am today. I am glad to have a met a group of clients that have trusted me and allow me to be at their service for their housing needs and wants. To me, being a agent is not just about selling the unit and earning the agent service fee. I believe that with my experience and knowledge, i should be providing advices and consultation to clients to help them make the right decisions.

In these 7 years, i have seem too many cases of agents not doing proper consultation to clients causing clients to have loan problems and housing problems etc after their selling or buying process. The focus of the agent shouldn’t be on the money, it should be on helping the client to have a smooth transaction and making right decisions instead. Throughout the few years, I have devise ways and methods to allow client have smooth transition in their upgrading or downgrading process without getting into problems like not having a place to stay or even financial planning problems.

As a Professional Property Agent, I believe that it is my duty to uphold high quality service standards and integrity. Serving at clients’ best interest and providing valuable advice is inevitable. I hope to be at your service. If you have concern about hardselling agent or pushy agent calling you non stop after you have some questions regarding your housing needs. Please do not worry, drop me a call. I believe that if i provide quality to my clients my clients will look for me again. Pushy and hardselling is never my style of sale.