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  • Mortgage interest rates 'will rise, but slowly'

    home owners should be concerned about higher interest rates on their mortgages but there is no need to panic, say economists. all those who spoke to the straits times agreed that the end of easy money policies in the united states will translate to rate hikes globally, including in singapore. but they pointed out that the us federal reserve would likely r... Continue reading
  • Some sellers 'may exploit loophole'

    with few comparable transactions to go by, anxious sellers of rare units may try to exploit a loophole in new housing board rules, several property agents said. new rules dictate that only the buyer or his agent can apply for hdb-approved valuations after a price has been agreed with the seller. sellers no longer get a copy as they do not need it in theory, unlike buyers who need it to apply for bank loans. but while sellers of typical flats h... Continue reading
  • Buyers and sellers starting to go by past transactions

    despite uncertainty over the new housing board resale process, buyers and sellers are adapting to the practice of looking at past transactions rather than valuations, said property agents. few intend to get private valuations ahead of the official hdb valuation, they added. negotiations used to begin with the hdb valuation report, before buyers and seller... Continue reading
  • Rise and fall of COV – the property mover

    deals were once forged or broken over it. headlines roared its record-setting highs. loved by sellers and loathed by buyers, the concept of cash over valuation dominated the housing board resale market for years – but perhaps no longer. in the new resale process, this cash premium or cov is not the focus of negotiations. buyers and sellers agree on a pric... Continue reading
  • Prices, transactions fall for resale homes

    a fresh sign of the fast slowing property market emerged yesterday with resale homes selling for lower prices last month. the number of resale transactions also slumped to their lowest level in more than five years. market watchers said the latest data reflects the anaemic wider property market, which is cooling rapidly as a result of loan curbs. soften... Continue reading
  • Deals not decided on COV under new HDB resale rules

    cash over valuation (cov) will take a back seat in housing board resale deals, as buyers and sellers must now agree on a price before seeking an official valuation. this is in line with the private market, where negotiations are "rightly" based on recent transaction prices, said national development minister khaw boon wan yesterday. previously, hdb resale... Continue reading
  • HDB overhauls system for resale transactions

    [singapore] the housing development board (hdb) is overhauling the procedure for resale hdb transactions in a bid to shift the focus from cash-over-valuation (cov) to market prices when negotiating resale prices. it is requiring buyers to first obtain the option to purchase (otp) before asking for a valuation through hdb - and it will not accept valuati... Continue reading
  • Non-landed resale homes market remains soft in Feb

    [singapore] cooling measures and the total debt servicing ratio framework continued to send non-landed private home resale volume on a controlled descent to a level not seen since december 2008 during the global financial crisis. flash figures released yesterday by the singapore real estate exchange (srx) showed resale transactions down 18.5 per cent mont... Continue reading
  • Prices of non-landed private resale homes fall 2% in Feb, transactions tumble to 5-year low

    prices of resale private homes slipped last month as transactions fell to the lowest in over five years, new data has showed. non-landed private home prices fell 2 per cent in february from the preceding month, according to estimates released on monday by the singapore real estate exchange (srx). this reversed a 1.9 per cent gain recorded in january. pr... Continue reading
  • Steep prices stall resale of DBSS flats

    the first premium flats from the design, build and sell scheme (dbss) have been on the resale market for months, but hefty price tags are making deals unlikely, said experts. as of january, some residents of the premiere @ tampines have lived there for five years and can now sell their units. several ads have since gone up. for instance, st property has n... Continue reading

      revised hdb resale procedure under the revised procedure, buyers and sellers will negotiate the price of an hdb resale flat based on the latest transacted prices, which can be found on the hdb infoweb.     when the price is agreed upon, seller will grant anoption to purchase (otp) to buyer. after buyer has been granted an otp, he/she will apply to the hdb by the next working day for a valuation of the flat. he/she will... Continue reading
  • When should you start buying PROPERTY in SINGAPORE ?

    1) the biggest mistake buyer always make is wanting to wait for the lowest price. why?   is there really such thing as the lowest price? even in shares you will never know where and when is the lowest. when it is here, we are usually one step later because the newspaper have already reported it.     2) buy when no one is buying. why?  ... Continue reading
  • Rental data to be more transparent

    businesses could soon have access to comprehensive shop rental data, in a bid to make rental pricing more transparent and help them make informed decisions. this is in response to feedback from a national small and medium-sized enterprise (sme) work group that looks into how the government can better help such firms, said mr teo ser luck, minister of state for trade and industry, in parliament yesterday. his ministry and the urban redevelopmen... Continue reading
  • Resale flat COVs fall to zero for first time since 2006

    [singapore] for the first time in nearly a decade, the overall median cash-over-valuation (cov) for resale hdb flats hit ground zero last month, compared with $3,000 in january, as demand for resale public homes softened. almost two in five hdb deals closed below valuation, making up 37.3 per cent of hdb resale deals, up from 29.4 per cent in january, b... Continue reading
  • Property players split on making public COVs for HDB resale flats

    [singapore] the issue of having cash over valuation (cov) in hdb resale transactions - once a political hot potato - is boggling the minds of property analysts and agencies again as latest flash estimates show that covs have fallen to zero and may dip further into negative territory. era realty key executive officer eugene lim echoed calls from the past... Continue reading
  • Buy pledges bagged for 40% of Cluny Park Residence

    close to 40 per cent of the 52 units at upmarket freehold condominium cluny park residence have received purchase commitments ahead of its official launch tomorrow. these commitments - by mainly professionals and businessmen - were made at private previews since its soft launch last august. of the buyers, 70 per cent are singaporeans, william liem, chief ... Continue reading
  • Condo 40% sold before launch

    a new condominium project in the tony cluny park area could be a breath of fresh air for the moribund high-end market when it is launched for sale tomorrow. the 52-unit freehold cluny park residence opened for preview late last year and has received commitments for 20 units so far, its developer tuan sing told a briefing yesterday. consultants said the take-up rate of nearly 40 per cent was strong and signalled that the ultra-rich were still k... Continue reading
  • Median COV for HDB flats hits zero - an 8-year low

        the median cash premium for housing board resale flats hit zero last month, a threshold which experts believe cements the fact that this is a buyers' market.   the eight-year-low cash over valuation (cov) mark is expected to slide even further, as a glut of upgraders who bought condominium units and new flats are expected to sell their ... Continue reading
  • HDB Prices will continue to drop! WHY?



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