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  • Shorter-tenure industrial sites to keep coming in H2

    [singapore] the government will continue to supply shorter-tenure industrial sites in the second half of the year, reiterating that this will keep prices affordable for industrialists. among the 15 sites with a combined area of 18.87 ha to be released for industrial use between next month and december, three are 20-year leasehold plots - the shortest le... Continue reading
  • DBS pegs mortgages to fixed deposit rates

    [singapore] dbs bank has introduced a new benchmark for its mortgages - they are pegged to the bank's fixed deposit rates, which it said is easier for customers to understand and is pretty transparent. it's the first time a bank is basing a mortgage on its fixed deposit rates. called the fixed deposit home rate or fhr, it takes the simple average of the... Continue reading
  • Let HDB landlords enjoy their rent

    when the owner of a housing board flat moves to private property, should he be allowed to keep - and profit off - his old flat? this question resurfaced in both the print and online straits times forum pages last month, just as the government was starting a series of conversations to gather singaporeans' views on housing issues. some felt it was unfair to let well-off property owners use a public flat to get even richer. this objection goes as... Continue reading
  • Rising rents driving up inflation?

    according to the economist intelligence unit, singapore is the world's most expensive city ("take heed of heat over rising costs"; may 25). although its survey was targeted at expatriates, we should not discount it if we want to attract the right talent from all over the world, as this finding could dissuade them from coming here. the report ("high rents in hot spots due to competition"; last thursday) highlighted the vulnerability of business... Continue reading
  • HDB, JTC in separate tie-ups to test green solutions

    the housing & development board (hdb) has joined hands with the energy market authority (ema) and panasonic to study the feasibility of energy options for hdb households that could potentially shrink their electricity bills. this year-long study will explore a suite of energy options and solutions that are underpinned by new technologies. the smart home e... Continue reading
  • HDB media Flash Report ( MAY 2014 )

    observations: (1). hdb resale prices drop for the 4th consecutive month. overall, hdb resale prices declined 1.2% in may compared to april. the price drop is across the board for all hdb property types. 3,4,5-room and executive flats saw a decline of 0.8%, 0.8%, 0.6% and 2.8% respectively. the srx hdb price index shows that may 2014 prices last month marked a 2-year low since april 2012. compared to peak prices last year in apr 2013, prices ... Continue reading

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